The Call of Cthulhu by John Coulthart

A little of John Coulthart’s adaptation of “Call of Cthulhu”

The Starry Wisdom – one of several

Art by Peter Smith, with design by John Balance

Happy Halloween. We’re going to try a new thing here, where I post stuff on my actual weblog and use Tumblr in a different way. Won’t bore you with reasons […]


So I’m wrangling with the first of my own projects (as opposed to the day job projects, which I don’t choose, but are chosen for me) that’s set in contemporary America. Los Angeles in particular. And you wouldn’t think it, but there’s a lot of weird obstacles when you’re doing that, that I haven’t had […]

The apocalypse will be unexpectedly boring?

Taken from “Crunch Time”, which you can buy for only .99, alongside 200 more pages of reading (including an extended preview of the upcoming science fiction novel BLUE HIGHWAY). Get it right here.

“I pointed out the window, even though the parking lot was largely empty now, but for some scattered trash and newspapers. No […]

A Taste of Asphalt

A TASTE OF ASPHALT – available today.

A TASTE OF ASPHALT hits today.

Snag it here.

Okay, you want to know what my writing’s about. But you don’t want to spend a lot because everyone’s got projects to support and Kickstarters to back. So I’m going to make it easy. Here’s what ninety-nine cents […]

Dustbearer for free

Yup. For a couple more days, my fantasy short story collection DUSTBEARER is absolutely free. Two stories, good dark fun, no cost to you.

Do check it out.

DUSTBEARER preview pages

Quick head’s-up. I’ve put together a preview PDF of the new DUSTBEARER book (released all of two days ago). If you’re looking for something to read and want to take some dark fantasy out for a test-drive, just follow the link below. Read it in the browser window or download a tiny PDF file.


DUSTBEARER introduction


That’s the cover for DUSTBEARER, by Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein. Check the rest of her work out if you like. Good stuff.

DUSTBEARER is a collection of two horror-driven fantasy stories, shared world (just don’t ask me to name it yet.) I’ll be posting some larger excerpts here later on. No, you won’t be quizzed […]


You all know that the miracle isn’t that great films are made, right? The miracle is that movies get finished at all in any semblance of completion much less take our brains and hearts anywhere worth going. Or at least let us be entertained for a couple of hours. And us armchair quarterbacks love to […]

You say ‘slow’ and I say ‘go go go’.

Thinking a bit more about things, which is what I do when I’m not ready to write or avoid being ready to write.

One of my upcoming projects could be a thing called EATERS, which I posted some comics pages from ages ago, as in years. Several things have sidetracked this project, most namely the […]