Genre is a trap you shouldn’t fall into too hard if you can avoid it. […]


The Roswell Incident is unleashed on an unsuspecting world! Tremble and beware! […]

The house under the too-big sky

Yes, I get around to actually talking about the Neko Case/Calexico concert, but it takes a bit to get there. Bear with me. Or wolf, whichever works.

Going out to concerts isn’t something that I do a lot of any more, for a variety of reasons. I live in the sticks, I have kids, and […]

On liking. Part of a series.

I like the bands that I like. For instance, Warpaint, who I’m listening to right now. I could talk about why I like them, I suppose, but it doesn’t really matter why, does it? Is it that important? Okay, for argument’s sake, you corner me and hold a gun to my head and ask me […]

Tonight’s video

“Happy Nightmare Baby” from the album of the same name, by the band Opal (who’d become a lot more well-known as Mazzy Star, after the departure of Kendra Smith on vocals and the arrival of Hope Sandoval.)

Tip of the hat to Evan Dorkin who pointed out that this thing even exists. Hadn’t seen […]

Your distracting video for the day

The Blasters rip it up live. […]

The Music of Strangeways: The Thirsty

The first of what might be many Strangeways-themed mixes up at […]

I’ma gonna be George

Rock Band: The Beatles trailer from E3 released. […]

My low content mode.

Let me show you it. “Appalachian Grove” by Laurie Spiegel, apparently based on the same piece by Aaron Copland. Can’t say as I’m familiar with the original, but I’ve been in love with this version since I first heard it on the OHM: MASTERS OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC compliation. That comp itself has held a special […]

Two Suns

Tip of the hat to Sean, for pointing this out. The new Bat for Lashes album, TWO SUNS, is streaming in its entirety on ye olde internete. I remember the arresting video for “What’s a Girl to Do” a couple years back, though I never picked up the album. I will, however, be getting this […]