Intrapanel Extra

So I shot some stuff for Intrapanel, but I’m away from my regular office and don’t have my updated Tumblr password, so it won’t get posted until Tuesday, likely. But here’s a taste. It’s not the usual thing. So if anyone knows how to reset a Tumblr password without having the old one, let me […]


I’d have posted this to my regular weblog, but WordPress is being stupid. Spoilers for everything. No whining. GODZILLA is a tough one. On paper, like say, superheroes, Godzilla is a no-brainer. The no-brainerest of them. He is a titan, a walking natural disaster, the reversal of human hubris and belief in a subjugated nature […]

From another side

So there was this time that DC Comics put out a wondrous single issue of THE DOOM PATROL, which was written by Grant Morrison at the time. And it featured art by Richard Case (the usual artist on the book for the bulk of Morrison’s run), Jamie Hewlett (who went on to design The Gorillaz […]


Okay, here’s the ground rules. 1) Spoilers for STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS. Stop reading if this is an issue. 2) I didn’t like it and am not likely to change my mind if you get in my face about it. Right. Either you’re still reading or you’re not.   So, INTO DARKNESS. Not a very […]


You all know that the miracle isn’t that great films are made, right? The miracle is that movies get finished at all in any semblance of completion much less take our brains and hearts anywhere worth going. Or at least let us be entertained for a couple of hours. And us armchair quarterbacks love to […]


null Here’s the cover to RAGNAROK SUMMER. Might make a few small tweaks, but that’s essentially it. No stock images, all my own photographs, which is kinda nice and keeps the cost low. May work in a more artsy interpretation for an eventual print edition (assuming that it happens) but this has to work small […]

Pinhead by Benjamin Marra

As sketched by Mr. Benjamin Marra at the Stumptown Comics Show this last weekend. When I asked him to sketch a Pinhead I thought his head was going to explode with unrestrained glee. It shows in the results. This is actually the first time I’ve scanned anything from the convention sketchbook I’ve had running since […]

Coulthart art

Go here: Marvel at work like this: That is all.


Less a review of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and more an appreciation.

Conversation Fear – Crying for the Scorpion

As originally posted at Dark, But Shining some seven months after it had officially closed its doors. Old ghosts and all. Oh, you didn’t think I’d let Halloween pass unnoticed, did you? And after all, horror is where it finds you, where you’re not expecting it. And where better than the abandoned field, the neglected […]