02 February 15 – Rainbow Scales

Trying to keep up with regular posting. Also trying to make it a habit to include some visual stimuli (almost always taken from my own photos because c’mon, this isn’t hard) to fire multiple brain lobes. The above taken in The Serpentarium in Lodi, CA a couple weeks back. Work continues on revising “Chunked” and […]

Lizard update

Bit of a scare yesterday. Was going to take Doc Connors in for a routine weighing (his low was 4.7 grams at his worst point, which is not far from skin and bones) when my son called me over to take a look at him. The lower part of his belly was a mess of […]

The Starry Wisdom – two of however many

THE STARRY WISDOM contains contributions from several comics folk, most notably among them the two shimmering lights in the firmament of the magickal side of comics creation: Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. Unsurprisingly, the two represent polar opposites of magick as much as they did with their work in comics; Moore favoring the esoteric and […]

Lexicon for the future

Capital traps Debt wizard Capitalmancer Post-inauthentic Guilt quilt Para-paradise Nopocalypse I may talk about one or more of these later on. Nopocalypse is the most likely for a first candidate. It’s a word we could use, don’t you think?

Fireworks for the fourth.

Happy Independence Day, everybody. Here’s some shots from last night’s front yard fireworks.  

Highway 62 Revisited

aka Highway 62 resumes tumblr service. HIGHWAY 62 REVISITED Right now it’s a research repository for THE GLASS DIAMOND, which I may start to write next year, not sure yet. Still, interesting even if you’re just looking for something out of the ordinary.


Things that I’ve found in my office during its recent cleaning. 1 WATCHMEN button, circa 1987 1 copy of JOYSTIK magazine from 1983 (you can read it here) 1 copy of the Advanced Dungeons Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, Dungeon Master’s Guide (and Fiend Folio) 1 copy of the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK portfolio, featuring Ralph MacQuirre’s […]

Cavalcade of Covers


HPL for Halloween

I shoulda posted this earlier. Oh well. On Friday, I posted an article about one of my favorite HPL adaptations over at Robot 6, this the adaptation of “Call of Cthulhu” into illustrated form by the talented John Coulthart. Here’s a sample: Stop by and give it a read, then wander over to Mr. Coulthart’s […]

SDCC 2010: Imaginary twitterings

Twitter didn’t work for me so well on the show floor, and my phone wouldn’t take the strain anyways. So here’s the first half of my imagined tweets from the floor. The second half of this may or may not ever appear. — The triple chili-cheese at Tommy‚Äôs is unnecessary. Structural integrity starts low and […]